Scales, Got it! Chords, Got it! So why do you feel something is missing?

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Maybe it's not what you’re playing, but how you're thinking!

 What would be the cost to discover that missing element?

  • Private lessons: $100-200 a month, $1200-2000 a year
  • Non-degree programs: average $8000 per semester, $16,000 a year

  • Degree programs: average $16,000 per semester, $32,000 a year, $128,000 for degree

  • Average cost of books for these programs: $300-900 per year

  • Week-long music camp: $2000-5000

Are we fooling ourselves? With all the knowledge about music on the internet, how can you not believe that everything you need isn't online? Year after year, you spend more and more money trying to find that special something. What is the thing that will take your playing to the next level?

Emotional Pitch® is a self-paced course that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. Sit back, relax, and start THINKING differently about music.

You already know how to play an instrument, so maybe it's time to start focusing on what really matters...

Emotional Pitch® focuses on exactly what the name implies—the emotion or “art of music.” There are no new scales, no new chords, no new program or app that will magically give you superhuman musical powers. What you do get from this course is an age old philosophy with modern thinking about music.


Here are a few side-effects that may occur from taking this course:

  • People start asking, “How is it that you always seem to hit the right notes during your solos?”
  • Band members wonder how you seemingly pick the perfect chords for a new song out of thin air
  • You are known as the music theory “Guru” that everyone wants to take lessons from

You're probably thinking, Yeah, right! I've heard all this before and I still struggle to improve my playing.

I have seen Emotional Pitch® in action for years with phenomenal results!! Many of my students have gone on to win medals, awards, and even perform with some of the country's most prestigious jazz ensembles. Keep in mind that not all of these students were the fastest, most talented musicians I have taught. But, what they did have in common was a natural sense and understanding of how music works.


Still not sure? No problem.

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“I have been trying to learn to read music for years. I have bought books and even taken college courses to learn how to read. In just a few short lessons, I am on my way to reading and learning where the notes are on the fretboard.”

Larry Ryan, Student